Red flag signs of bad plumbing in a property for sale

Buying a new home is a very exciting milestone for any property owner. And while it is exciting, it also presents a huge risk since he has to choose the best property available for his budget. In the same breath, he should also make sure that the home that he chooses will not require him to spend more on maintenance within his first few years of ownership.

A thorough home inspection helps buyers to purchase a good property that their money can afford. Without a reliable property inspection process, a buyer could end up purchasing a home that needs repairs, and expensive plumbing and electrical overhauls.

This article will discuss the various red flag signs that point out bad plumbing in a property that is up for sale. While property owners will hire a home inspector before signing the sale agreement, it is still better to know what to look out for so that early on in the negotiations he could raise the issue of plumbing problems so that he could adjust his offer.

Warping, bubbling, and wall and ceiling discoloration

The warping, bubbling, and discoloration of walls and ceilings are a surefire sign of water damage. But why did water damage occur? Water damage happened because there is a pipe leak somewhere behind the walls or beneath the ceiling. So, when there is warping, bubbling, and discoloration, a buyer should assume that plumbing leaks and molds are not far off.

Leaky taps and showers

Leaking taps and showerheads can be easily remediated, but if most of the faucets and showers around the house seem leaky then the seller should have it all repaired or replaced before selling. Repair and replacement take time and so the buyer should consider these when buying a home.

The home smells like a sewer

A definite tell-tale sign of a sewer problem is if a sewer-like odor is wafting throughout the home. Staged homes though could mask that odor, and so home buyers should try going in bathrooms and checking the smell near the drains. When the drainage pipes are clogged, the waste matter could easily get blocked within the pipelines and rot there. The bacteria in the rotting blockage could spread throughout the home.

Slow drains are also indicative of a sewer issue, and so property buyers should try testing the drains at the very least to see if it is slowed down.

Low water pressure

If water pressure within the house seems low, the buyer should think if it is a normal occurrence due to the topographical location of the property, or if it is because of some other issue. If there was no local water issue in the area, then it could be due to a problem with the water main or a plumbing leak. Since this type of plumbing problem is serious, homeowners should have a thorough plumbing inspection done by American Ally Plumbing Company Escondido before negotiating for the final price of the property.

Wobbly plumbing fixtures

Wobbly toilets are a serious plumbing issue and a safety risk. Property buyers should test whether the toilets are securely in place or if not. Moreover, toilets should not have cracks too. Cracks in the toilet that are more than 1/16 in size should get replaced right away as this could break anytime and cause expensive water damage.

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